MWH0085 Mistress Maire Rua dominates with her huge giantess feet

Irish Amazon Mistress Maire seems amused at her opponent today, the diminutive Chicken Boy Dave, but that isn’t going to stop her punishing him for daring to step onto the mat to face her.


She starts by belittling him comparing her height, hands, legs and feet with his and in everyway she is vastly superior, in fact her feet are bigger than his head! 


There is little he can do against such overwhelming odds as Mistress Maire dominates using her size 11 feet and insanely long legs.


Time and again the Chicken Boy is forced to endure those massive feet in his face, pinching his nostrils, smothering him and choking him.


Mistress Maire takes the opportunity to constantly remind him how puny and inferior he is to her, before forcing the ultimate humiliation of having one of those immense feet forced into his mouth.


Mistress Maire wears a black grey patterned sports bra and silver grey panties

Chicken Boy wears black lycra slazenger shorts


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