MWH0086 Giantess Gia squashes him - Scissorhold and Splits

Canadian Gia the Giant (6’1” 225lbs) takes on Steven from Germany (5’9” 117lbs) on the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats.  


Whilst the German male challenger would normally pose a threat, against the size and strength of Gia he has no chance.


She easily muscles him to the mats and stretches him out in a grapevine using her long legs to her advantage, when that doesn’t make the resilient Steven tap, she sits on his face before transitioning to a headscissors which elicits a tap within seconds.


Gia just punishes Steven relentlessly and literally crushes him with head and body scissors, sleeperholds and her trademark split pins, sitting on top of him with her full weight.


This is utter annihilation as a strong fit male is decimated by a tall, powerful amazon.  There is no question which way this is going to go as Steven is overwhelmed by a far superior, Gia the Giant who takes delight in dismantling her European prey.


Gia the Giant wears a lycra purple sports bra and purple patterned pants

Steven wears cotton light grey shorts.


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