MWH0089 Princess Giantess crushes her little plaything

Princess Giantess (6’2”) takes on Chickenboy (5’7” 66kgs) on the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats.


Before they commence wrestling, the Princess compares her hands and feet to the puny Chickenboy, and it is obvious from the off, that she dwarfs the smaller male.


The Chickenboy does not fare much better in armwrestling, as Princess Giantess easily beats him.  At this stage a sensible man may have feigned injury, made his excuses and made a swift expert, but like his namesake avian, the Chickenboy isn’t too bright.


Princess Giantess easily overpowers him and uses her size advantage to squish him beneath her, she traps him between her long, powerful legs and squeezes the life from him.


He feebly tries to mount some offense, and his inability to provide any real competition, begins to frustrate the blonde and beautiful amazon.  She verbally berates him, lifts him and just completely decimates the Chickenboy.


There is little left apart from roadkill once Princess Giantess has grown bored of dominating and crushing the feeble, puny and pathetic male.


Princess Giantess wears a black one-piece swimsuit

Chickenboy wears patterned trunks

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