MWH0090 Inferno - Judo Throws and Foot Domination

The delightful redhead Inferno makes a welcome return to the Mixed Wrestling Heaven studio to take on relative newboy Steven in a Judo encounter.


Inferno is a talented, experienced and accomplished wrestler having been on the scene for many years, and unfortunately for Steven she likes to dominate and humiliate men, which means Steven’s in for a bad day.


She hip throws him to the mats, traps him in an armbar and forces her feet into his face.  A forced humiliation which is repeated throughout this match up, as no matter what move she traps Steven in she forces him to endure the humiliation of having her feet continually in his face.


Inferno is also renowned for her flexibility being completely double jointed so no matter where she is on the mats her feet are always in easy reach of Steven’s face.


Time and time again she throws him to the mats and punishes him, Steven doesn’t stand a chance against the fiery redhead who dominates and humiliates him until he can take no more.


Inferno wears a white gi with blackbelt

Steven wears a white gi with whitebelt


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