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MWH0093 Bianca Blance destroys him - Mixed Wrestling

Russ (5’7” 78kgs) must have thought he was in for an easy time when svelte Italian Bianca Blance (169 cm and 60kgs) was due to be his opponent, he may have even heard about her sensuality, and must have thought his luck was in when she arrived on the mats in a white bra and g-string which left little to the imagination.


However, if he had done is homework he may have realised what a tough time he was in for on the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats today.


Bianca is a fiery Italian, with a mean, sadistic streak which she unleashes with pure fury at the brave, but deluded Russ.


He confidently tells her that he is going to beat her ass before she takes him down to the mats easily and with little effort, the petite Italian spreads his legs wide in a deep grapevine and places a forearm across his throat restricting his airway, before jumping up and sitting on his face.


In fact Russ never gets out of the starting gate as Bianca swarms him wrapping her long tennis player legs around his neck and body, wrenching his neck back sharpy in a deep boston crab and generally fucking up the larger cocky Englishman.


More scissoring and facesitting finish him off and he is left defeated on the mats whilst a smiling Bianca flexes above him.


Bianca Blance wears a tiny white bra and g-string

Russ wears khaki shorts


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