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MWH0095 Little Rampage vs Kiwi - Mixed Wrestling

Little Rampage (4’10” and 135lbs) from St Petersburg, Florida makes her MWH debut as she steps onto the mats against Kiwi (6’0” and 165lbs) in an onslaught rules wrestling match-up where there is no break following a submission.


The English Kiwi has a huge height and weight advantage so on paper this should be an easy win for guys for a change.


Little Rampage however is pocket dynamite with insanely strong biceps and legs, Kiwi is absolutely decimated and almost immediately has the strength sapped from his body by the Floridian’s patented rear naked choke.


From then on in it’s pretty much all Little Rampage as she taps him with abandon, with standing headscissors, armbars, more Rear Naked Chokes.  The submission tally keeps totting up and the veins in Kiwi’s forehead show as he absorbs punishment galore from this petitie powerhouse.


To add insult to injury for the Englishman, Little Rampage is interviewed at the end while subjecting him to a complete facesit whilst she answers camera woman Scorpion’s questions.


This is an intercontinental trip he will be glad to forget.


Little Rampage wears a black top which barely contains her ample assets, with a Red fishscale strap thong


Kiwi wears black lycra swim shorts


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