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MWH0097 Pantyhose Scissorhold Destruction

Scorpion faces a male victim on the mat, she’s going to scissorhold him into submission.  Time and time again she traps him between her Falke pantyhose clad legs, squeezing the air from him.  He struggles and gasps but there is no escape from Scorpion’s thighs.


He taps her legs to concede but still she continues to squeeze, dominating him in everyway.


She uses every conceivable scissor on him while he flails in vain, eventually she tires of her prey, and make him kiss her butt before finally she facesits him into oblivion.


Scorpion wears a long sleeved black leotard and Falke shiny nude pantyhose/tights


It’s total scissorhold domination as Scorpion absolutely destroys a particularly pathetic male victim.  He whimpers, screams and begs as he is decimated in a series of crushing scissorholds, 


Scorpion is at her cruel finest as she toys with him, making him beg from the punishment being inflicted by her powerful thighs.  Bodyscissors, headscissors and figure four headscissors are utilised perfectly as she squeezes the life from him time and time again.


A brief respite is given from the scissorhold domination as she puts him in a wicked camel clutch, before the scissor punishment begins again to a final gurgling submission which leaves him out on the mats.


Scorpion wears a figure hugging shiny black thong leotard with black fishnet pantyhose/tights.


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