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MWH0100 Scissor Heaven - Featuring Goddess Anat, Goddess Gia, Ivy, Kassidy

To celebrate the 100th release on Mixed Wrestling Heaven we have prepared a special compilation treat for you featuring some of our best scissor domination videos.


All you scissorhold fans will indeed be in Mixed Wrestling Heaven as we present these four complete videos featuring Kassidy, Ivy, Goddess Anat and Gia the Giant


MWH0057 Kassidy Crushing Scissor Power

Kassidy is a tall amazon with amazingly powerful legs which have ridiculously powerful crushing power.  Many men and women have fallen in combat between those powerful thighs as Dave is about to find out.


Kassidy’s scissors are unique as she does one thing that no other amazon does, whilst she has his head or body trapped she punches her own legs increasing the pressure and sending jarring pain through his body.


Kassidy wears a green leopard print sheer lycra catsuit

Dave wears a navy blue  t-shirt and black shorts


MWH0067 Ivy Scissor Destruction in Spandex Catsuit

We begin with Brazilian Bombshell, Ivy barefoot on the mat in a figure hugging spandex catsuit stretching out.  A foolish man enters the room and compliments her, and tells her that she shouldn’t have got dressed up for him, Ivy informs him that she dressed up for herself and not for him.


What follows is a clear demonstration of her power and technical expertise as she dismantles this much larger male.  Ivy applies numerous scissorholds both head and bodyscissors interspersed with arm bars, joint locks and facesitting, and takes every opportunity to force him to worship her bare feet.

Ivy wears a shiny silver patterned spandex catsuit with bare feet

The victim wears a black t-shirt, black jeans and socks


MWH0068 Goddess Anat - Scissor Destruction

Goddess Anat is a softly spoken visitor from America, but beneath that those sweet tones is a dominant destructive blonde as per Bert is about to find out.  Bert is one of the most experienced mixed wrestlers in the UK and has faced off against many of past and present female wrestlers, but it’s safe to say that he is annihilated in this match-up.


His face changes colour as it is nearly popped off by the beautiful American and his nose disappears between her ample ass cheeks.


Goddess Anat wears a black spiderweb bra with black micro thong

Bert wears black shorts


MWH0086 Giantess Gia squashes him - Scissorhold and Splits

Canadian Gia the Giant (6’1” 225lbs) takes on Steven from Germany (5’9” 117lbs) on the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats.  


She easily muscles him to the mats and stretches him out in a grapevine using her long legs to her advantage, when that doesn’t make the resilient Steven tap, she sits on his face before transitioning to a headscissors which elicits a tap within seconds.


This is utter annihilation as a strong fit male is decimated by a tall, powerful amazon.  There is no question which way this is going to go as Steven is overwhelmed by a far superior, Gia the Giant who takes delight in dismantling her European prey.


Gia the Giant wears a lycra purple sports bra and purple patterned pants

Steven wears cotton light grey shorts.


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