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MWH0103 Ivy Satinee shows him who's Boss

It’s a battle for National Pride as visiting Italian powerhouse Ivy Satine (160cm 60kg) takes on full-blooded Englishman, Russ (170cm 78kg) on the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats.


Russ has the height, weight and some would argue the experience advantage in this match up, but Ivy is a unit of solid pure muscle.


They lock up and get each other in headlocks both trying to take the other down to the mats, but it’s the Italian who ends up on top.


A position which she stays for the majority of the rest of this match despite Russ’s best efforts.  Ivy just steamrolls through him securing submission after submission using a variety of holds including scissorholds, headlocks, grapevines, pubis chokes, armbars and the final submission secured via a full nelson and body scissors combination.


Russ is splayed out on the mats with a smiling Italian powerhouse posing over him, but it is a testament to his efforts that her costume is soaked with sweat from this hard fought encounter.


Ivy Satinee wears a sky blue lycra swimsuit

Russ wears black shorts


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