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MWH0104 Scorpion Sessions - breaking the German

If you’ve ever wanted to see what a real session with Scorpion is like then here is your chance.  Filmed on a static camera in a German mat room this is a real insight into what you can expect should you be brave enough to book a session with the founder of Mixed Wrestling Heaven.


The lucky (or should that be brave) gentleman who has booked a session is the Man in Black an experienced sessioner who has wrestled some of the best throughout the years, very experienced and very strong and a truly great opponent.


They start with an arm wrestle and even though the German has just wrestled thirty minutes with Ava Simone he manages to beat Scorpion.


Scorpion tells him that “Now he’s going to die” as they lock up on the mats.  This a truly competitive wrestling session between two true competitors and a great example of a real session with Scorpion.


Will the Man in Black be able to achieve what he did in the arm wrestling and beat Scorpion or will she do as the clip title says and break him.


Like what you see? Then book your own session with Scorpion


Scorpion wears black Nike sports bra and animal print booty shorts

The Man in Black wears a black t-shirt  with black shorts


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