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MWH0106 Sativa - Scissorhold Domination

The Black Venus Sativa at 68kg steps onto the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats against Russ at 78kgs.


Sativa is taller, more experienced and it’s safe to say has a sadistic streak, in this match-up Russ’s 10kg advantage counts for nothing, as he is about to find out.


He is easily overpowered and taken to the mats and then is trapped in a breast smother and grapevine combination which saps his strength very quickly.  


The Black Venus now has the measure of her prey, and it’s now time for her to unleash absolute scissor hell on poor Russ.


Sativa is relentless at dishing out the punishment and traps him between her powerful legs interspersed with joint locks, breast smothers and face sits.


She just swarms Russ who is completely outmatched, outskilled and outmatched by the merciless Sativa.


The final victory flex is the only relief he gets, glad that the punishment is over at the hands of this sadistic and relentless power woman.


Sativa wears a high necked leopard print thong swimsuit 

Russ wears black swimshorts with grey trim


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