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MWH0107 Venom - Black Belt - Judo Throws and Foot Domination

Venom is back, and now she is a genuine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt


You need to address her as Professor Venom


Today she wants to practice her throws and submissions. So she brings in a human to use as her wrestling dummy.


Professor Venom beckons the masked dummy in before proceeding to obliterate him with back-breaking throws. She uses multiple throws, trips and tosses.

After getting the dummy airborne she submits him, rubs her dominant feet all over his face, making him lick her soles, even jamming her foot into the dummy’s mouth.


If you love to see highly skilled martial arts women demolish and humiliate their opponents then you need this clip


Venom wears white gi with black belt, bare feet with red pedicure

Wrestling dummy wears black shorts and mask


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