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MWH0108 Outdoor Catball - Scorpion MIxed Wrestling

Scorpion and her rival are chasing each other through the forest. Scorpion runs into the clearing and hides, waiting for him. Her rival appears and they face off before he applies a full nelson, and as she breaks the hold they eventually go to the floor.


Once on the floor, they begin grappling, alternately applying holds to each other, realizing they are evenly matched in technique. He then applies a bearhug to her, thinking it will break her, but instead she bearhugs him back, and they begin rolling over each other tightly, back and forth in the clearing in the woods, with neither giving in.


As the tight body-to-body contact continues, the rolling becomes more sensual and less aggressive, and it finally ends with the two of them rolling out of camera frame...


Scorpion wears black shiny spandex catsuit with black trainers


Her rival wears black T-shirt, blue jeans and black boots


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