MWH0109 Long Legs of Doom - Amazon Venus - Total domination

Venus makes her Mixed Wrestling Heaven debut, this Amazon stands at 6ft tall and has got to be a top contender for the longest legs on the UK scene.  


A poor unsuspecting schmuch is destroyed as the killer legs are either wrapped around his body in an inescapable body scissors or crushing his neck in a headscissors.  Venus even uses them to give her added torque on a camel clutch using her considerable height advantage to really crank back on that neck.


She stands on his back and tramples him, sits on his face and smothers him.  A favoured tactic employed by the statuesque amazon is the standing headscissor as she squeezes those long powerful thighs together increasing the torque on his suffering neck.


A complete domination by this Amazon beauty!


Venus wears black bra and black with black fishnet tights/pantyhose

Her victim wears white t-shirt and blue shorts


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