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MWH0111 Goddess Anastaxia ruins him

For all fans of Goddess Anastaxia and her glorious long legs…


A businessman (Billy King) calls a powerful dominatrix goddess (Goddess Anastaxia) and asks for a session. It’s his first time seeing a domme, and he’s going to slip out of work to visit her.  The gorgeous blonde Goddess Anastaxia tells him to show up exactly as he is dressed up for work to meet her, ominously she tells that he better be prepared financially ! 


The businessman shows up and Goddess Anastaxia grabs his tie, she takes his wallet and removes all his money. As he protests, she slowly moves behind him and still holding his tie, tells him he can have it back if he can retie his tie. She softly undoes , inspects it being expensive and tells him that he has to earn wearing this.  She puts it on him and as he starts to re tie, she says "not so fast, there are some rules and drags him by his tie and makes him lie on the floor and puts him into a scissor hold around his neck and he still has to tie his tie perfectly. if it not to her liking, the money is hers, and he has to retie while she is scissoring him.


This poor businessman is under the spell of the powerful and beautiful Goddess Anastaxia and he is hers to command and control. She ruins his body and then his wallet!


If seeing a powerful alpha male subdued and belittled by a dominatrix then this is the clip for you.


Goddess Anastaxia initially wears a white blouse, black pencil skirt, shiny nude Charnos pantyhose and black high heels.  The blouse and skirt are removed to reveal a black shiny thong leotard.


Billy King wears a white shirt, black trousers, black shoes and red tie.


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