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MWH0114 Rage Shieldmaiden vs Judoka - Highly competitive mixed wrestling

In this fierce competitive Mixed Wrestling match we have Rage Shieldmaiden (170cm, 70kg) from Eastern Europe taking on Judoka (172cm, 73kg) from The Netherlands.


Both competitors are confident going into this competitive match as they lock-up.  Initially the Rage is on the defensive as Judoka has her in all sorts of trouble as he mounts her in top position and traps her in a scissorhold.  But Rage is able to weather the assault and manages to take Judoka’s back and manages to score the first point with a rear naked choke and triangle scissors combination.


She pounces on him at the start of the second fall, but this time it is Judoka who manages to survive and gain a tap from the stubborn Rage with a rear naked choke of his own.


This is truly the most competitive and equal match in Mixed Wrestling Heaven history!!.


The sweat pours from these two grapplers as they exchange holds, eventually Judoka begins to tire at the hands of the Rage and she is able to wear him down and take the win.  But this is not all one-sided by a long shot.


For making her work hard and break a sweat, Rage punishes the man from the Netherlands with facesitting and scissorholds, before placing her feet on his face and pinching his nostrils with her toes whilst she flexes.


Rage wears a white tiger print swimsuit

Judoka wears grey compression tshirt with black lycra shorts


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