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MWH0124 Pippa The Ripper dominates him - Outdoors Mixed Wrestling

Pippa The Ripper makes her Mixed Wrestling Heaven Debut in this Domination Bondage Match.

Looking scarily sexy in her one piece Pippa takes Stephon apart using her trademark takedown and headlocks. She uses some sneaky low blows to subdue her opponent, grabbing him by the balls and even kneeling on them. Bad girl!

She trash talks him throughout and binds him expertly with an elbow tie. Stupid Stephon fights backs even when he is bound, so Pippa chokes him and facesits him.

She forces him to kiss her feet and victory poses over his bound body. To finish the humiliation she slaps his face and forces him to say that he has been beaten by a woman

Pippa the Ripper wears a lycra skeleton pattern swimsuit

Stephon wears blue shorts


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