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MWH0125 Scorpion Mixed Wrestling Sessions - breaking the Spanish

We present another clip of one of Scorpion’s real sessions, one of her regular customers who travels from Spain agreed to have his real session filmed and shared with all of you who want to know what a real session is like with the powerful and skilled MWH founder.


It must be said though after watching this video you may be having second thoughts. If you are a fan of MWH you know what happens to those men foolish enough to step onto the mats against Scorpion when she is in the mood to fuck a man up.


That is exactly what happens here as she breaks this Spanish strongman, he may be heavier than her but he certainly isn’t skilled enough or as mean.


Scorpion swarms and overwhelms him, tying him up in knots, punching him in his weak stomach, spitting in his face, and punishing his cock and balls.


This is Scorpion at her most wicked, she jams her fingers in his mouth, chokes him and threatens to fuck him in the ass.  Let’s be honest she doesn’t need to do the things she does to him, she is experienced enough to beat him fair and square, but perhaps he did something to offend her in the pre-session communication because she makes this masked fool pay.


Some extra foot domination is thrown in for good measure, and as he sits panting for breath, completely done, she kicks him in his balls for good measure doubling him up, and signalling the end of his punishment.


Scorpion wears a black tie bikini (which has problems containing her large assets)

The Spanish wears a lucha mask, grey tshirt and black shorts


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