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MWH0131 Sadistic Scissorholds in Leather - Scorpion Mixed Wrestling

There is perhaps nothing on this earth more frightening than a pissed off Scorpion in a dominant mood.  Standing imperious in a black leather dress and black leather knee high boots, you almost feel sorry for the poor fool who crosses her path today.


Scorpion beckons her victim onto the mats who perhaps sensibly enters on his hands and knees but makes the mistake of making eye contact.  He is forced to kiss her boots before she traps his neck in a standing headscissors squeezing those powerful thighs around his neck.


Eventually she lets him drop to the mat before stepping on him with her high heeled boots, and trapping his neck in a deep forward headscissors. Scorpion takes great pleasure in his squeals of pain as she continues his punishment with reverse headscissors, triangle headscissors coupled with facesitting and ballbusting.


All her male victim can do is squeal as Scorpion dissects his fragile physique and ego, he is dismantled by an incredibly dominant redheaded diva of destruction who verbally belittles him as she dishes out his punishment.


One final trample from those high heeled boots and she traps him in a headscissors forcing him whilst trapped to remove them as she smiles with glee and kicks him in the balls whilst sticking her fingers into his mouth.


The punishment continues as she is clearly in the mood to “fuck him up” even sticking her whole foot into his mouth.


This is Scorpion at her dominant best, and if you are a fan of our previous clips where she is pissed off and mean that this should definitely be on your watch list.


Scorpion wears a black leather dress with black knee high heeled leather boots (boots removed at 12 minutes)

Squishy wears a black lycra facemask and black lycra trunks


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