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MWH0133 Beatdown by Scorpion in Shiny Satin

We’ve all witnessed the delightfully deviant and dominant Scorpion destroy feeble male victims before, its what we all love watching her do as she dismantles them easily with her strength and power.


But never before have you seen her destroy a man in such an emphatic manner all whilst doing so in her favourite Satin Pyjamas with beautifully pedicured feet.


Scorpion brings her victim into the mat room with his hands tied behind his back. He has lost the game and now he’s going to be beaten and punished for what he’s done. She subjects him to a beatdown with Kicks, Knees, Elbows, punches to the body and face. 

Beginning in high heels (2 minutes), then taking them off for a barefoot beatdown.


The man stays up while she hits him, starting to struggle but managing to stay on his feet and is finally dropped with a kick to the face.


Includes POV sections of punches, kicks and elbows.


Scorpion wears blue satin pyjama set with satin dressing gown, with matching blue manicure and pedicure


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