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MWH0140 Smother and Suffer - Scorpion schools him

Scorpion is ready for action and completely dominates, she climbs onto his back, and twisting her body around his rolls him over. Hand smothering him and shutting him up while telling him to be quiet her brutality is shown for the first time.  After smothering him with her stomach, she punishes him in ruthless headscissors. While his gurgling only entertains Scorpion as you can see the fire in her eyes.


Next a brutal cobra clutch combined with a hand smother is delivered and she wraps her hands around his throat choking him.  Scorpion is taking no prisoners today, she is here to take care of business and business is good. After making him truly suffer with smothering, scissors, grapevines and another cobra clutch, Scorpion decides it's time to play a little game.


She hand smothers him and starts to count slowly to see how long he can last in her twisted ruthless game.  On the first he can only manage a count of 39.  Scorpion demands he do much better than that and tells him to take a deep breath as she hand smothers him and starts to count again. 


After toying with him she notices an incriminating bulge in his boxer shorts and immediately gives it a hard slap, and punishes him with a severe reverse facesit.


Scorpion knows no limit to her sadistic smother game and will only stop IF she grows bored of him.


Scorpion wears a leopard print bra with black underwear and sheer black pantyhose.

Stephon wears blue trunks


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