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MWH0141 Laken smothers You

Laken is undoubtedly one of our most popular ladies in the UK wrestling scene, it’s due to her beauty and amazing assets, and this point of view video focuses on one in particular, her breasts.


You are on the bed with Laken, and she catches you staring intently at her chest, so she gives you a closer look, forcing your head in between in her massive breasts, she giggles as you can't breathe so she allows you to breath before shoving your face into her perfect round bum.


Laken playing with her hair and running her hands over her body lets you know that she thinks there is nothing better than a sexy smother, and her desire to smother you until you are knocked out.


Repeatedly your face is shoved into her breasts, your nose pressed into her ribcage as she suffocates you with those titillating tits.


You are Laken’s plaything, not that you mind as she sends you to sleep with her body, and dazzles you with her beautiful smile.


Laken wears a skyblue bra and thong and the best smile in the business.


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