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MWH0144 Ella 'Scorpion' Escorpi ruins him - Spitting, Foot Domination & Armpit licking

A very sweaty post workout Ella “Scorpion” Escorpi steps onto the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats and tells her waiting slave that she wants him to lick the sweat off of her.


The dominant MWH founder makes the slave kiss her shoes.  She steps on his head and forces his face to the mats and then sits astride his shoulders whilst she removes her shoes exposing her sweaty feet.

She flips him over and twists his nipples before forcing her sweaty feet into his mouth.  He licks the sweat from between her toes, and twists his nipples some more before making him resume the cleaning of her sweaty feet with his tongue.


Next Ella wants her sweaty and hairy armpits cleaned and she makes him do it with his tongue before spitting into his mouth to give him extra saliva for the other armpit.


She stamps on his chest before putting her other sweaty foot into his mouth and spitting into his mouth again.  She pulls him to his feet and using one foot makes him lick the sweat from her feet.


Her sweaty feet and armpits sufficiently cleaned she sticks her fingers in his mouth and spits into it one last time before sauntering off.


Ella “Scorpion” Escorpi wears a back nike tank top, snow leopard print trunks and black workout shoes which are removed.

The Slave wears a black lycra facemask, and black cotton shorts


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