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MWH0145 Dark and Intense - Ivy Satinee vs Billy King - Sexy Mixed Wrestling

Sexy dark superstar Ivy Satinee makes a long overdue return to Mixed Wrestling Heaven as she faces off against MWH’s resident hunk, Billy King in a Dark and Intense sexy mixed wrestling match.


The two face off against each on the oily tarp and immediately get to grips with each other but the oil soaking their skin makes this difficult.  The ebony beauty wraps her powerful thighs around Billy’s waist and uses them to drive him to the tarp and get top position.


Billy tries to resist but Ivy pushes her large breasts into his face, smothering him as she seeks to control him on the mats.


Everytime Billy makes his escape from beneath her the oil works against him as she manages to flip him back over.  When he does manage to get top position his agonised groans echo as she is caught in a painful body scissors punishing his chiseled abs.


The Italian takes his back and begins to smother him with hand smothers, further sapping his strength.  Finally Billy can take no more as sexy Ivy has drained the fight out of him as he lays oil soaked and exhausted on the tarp.


Ivy Satinee wears a black lycra thong swimsuit

Billy King wears black lycra shorts


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