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MWH0146 Ava Simone ruins him - Spitting, Foot Domination & Armpit licking

Ava Simone is a blonde and buff destroying seductress who likes nothing more than destroying and dominating anyone who stands before her.


Post sweaty workout session, Ava steps onto the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats and tells her waiting slave that she wants him to lick the sweat off of her.


The super sexy and sultry Ava makes the slave kiss her sneakers.  The blonde badass orders him to remove the smelly sneakers.   


She pushes him down to the mat and pulls his mask down so she can push her sweaty foot inside and makes him suck the sweat from her foot.


Ava then mounts him and pushes her impressive breasts into his face so he can smell the sweat which has pooled in between.  It's then the turn of her sweaty musky armpits to be cleaned as she makes him licks the sweat from them.


She sticks her fingers in his mouth, making him open wide and spits into his mouth before he cleans in between her sweaty toes with his tongue.


Her sweaty feet and armpits sufficiently cleaned she sticks her fingers in his mouth and spits into it one last time before sitting on his chest and resting the soles of her feet on his face.


Ava Simone wears a black sports bra, snow leopard print shorts and designer sneakers which are removed by the Slave at her command.

The Slave wears a black lycra facemask, and black cotton shorts


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