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MWH0147 Mistress Amrita vs Billy King - Mixed Wrestling + Foot Domination

Japanese Legend Mistress Amrita makes a welcome return to Mixed Wrestling Heaven as she portrays a student who attends Billy King’s dojo.


Billy begins the lesson by placing Amrita into an armbar, but little does he know that Mistress Amrita knows exactly what she is doing.  When it is her turn to apply the hold she doesn’t release and instead punishes him by putting her feet on his face.


 She cannot believe how weak Billy is for such a big man, and uses her feet to punish him sitting on his chest and controlling his head with her feet.


 Scissorholds, armbars, kimura and a very long camel clutch with his face buried in her feet are just some of the punishment and humiliation that Billy is to endure.


A distinctly unimpressed Amrita leaves him flaked out on the mats with both feet rubbing all over his face whilst she celebrates her victory.


Mistress Amrita wears a white gi with purple pedicured feet


Billy King wears a white gi


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