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MWH0148 Mistress Amrita ruins him - Spitting, Foot Domination & Armpit licking

Legendary dominatrix Mistress Amrita steps onto the MIxed Wrestling Heaven mats to dominate a pathetic masked slave.


He is on his knees waiting to serve her, the weather is very hot and Mistress Amrita’s trainers clad feet are very sweaty and she wants them cleaned.


She makes the slave crawl to her and lick her trainers clean all over.  First one trainer and then the other are cleaned with his tongue as he cleans Amrita’s feet.


She decides that he must clean the sweat from her bare feet and when he resists she headlocks him to subdue him.  She commands him to open his mouth and spits into his mouth.


She then removes her trainers, exposing her feet which are glistening wet with sweat and makes him lick the sweat from her bare foot with his tongue making sure he gets right in between her sweaty toes.


Then it is the turn of her sweaty armpits to be cleaned before going back to give Mistress Amrita’s feet a thorough deep clean with his tongue.


Once she is satisfied she sits astride his chest and pushes her toes deep into his mouth before sauntering off the mats.


Mistress Amrita wears a pink tank top, black knee length legging and black trainers which are removed

The Slave wears a black mask and black shorts


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