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MWH0149 Smother and Suffer - Gina Varney vs Billy King

It’s the Mixed Wrestling Heaven debut of tall blonde Gina Varney as she steps onto the MWH mats to take on studly Billy King.


Gina is sexy, strong and powerful and Billy may have his work cut out for him as what this young Lioness lacks in wrestling skill is more than matched by her determination and desire to win.


Billy is no slouch but Gina overpowers him and pins him to the mats, slaps his face and places her hand over his mouth to smother him and weaken his muscled form.


Gina takes his back and wraps her long legs around him and smothers him, she climbs on top of him and pins him down and smothers him.


When she thinks he needs perking up she slaps his face to bring him back in the fight, but Billy is really struggling against this sexy blonde rookie who is dominating and humiliating him on the MWH mats.


Gina is enjoying working Billy over, and sweat drips from her from the exertion of humbling him, but she is all smiles as she teaches this man a lesson.


Eventually Billy is smothered out by Gina as she sits astride his chest, slapping his face and gloating at how easily she defeated him.


Gina Varney wears a white patterned lycra swimsuit

Billy King wears black lycra shorts


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