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MWH0153 Break Him - Evil Lottie - Lottie LaLay ruins him

We welcome beautiful blonde Lottie LaLay making her first appearance at Mixed Wrestling Heaven.  Russ must have thought he was going to have an easy day on the MWH mats.


But any thoughts are quickly dispelled as Lottie pounces on him and takes him down to the mats and spreads his legs in a grapevine, she brings her face close to his and lets him know exactly what she thinks of him, before placing her feet in his face.


This is a different side of Lottie then we usually see as she is sadistic in her punishment of her opponent talking trash and punishing him.  She is obviously keen to make a good first impression on the MWH mats, and when Russ has the audacity to shove her, then she becomes even more ruthless, wrapping her strong legs around his midsection and causing him to cry out in pain.


The punishment continues as Lottie literally ruins him using scissorholds, grapevines, chokes and smothers.  Her hapless male opponent has no response in the face of this onslaught from an enraged Lottie, and is completely ruined by the blonde debutante.


Once she tires of humiliating him she adds one final humiliation posing, flexing her biceps with one foot firmly on his lips as he worships the feet of the woman who has destroyed him


Lottie LaLay wears a shiny lycra black swimsuit

Russ wears black lycra shorts

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