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MWH0157 Break Him - Goddess Anastaxia destroys him

Beautiful blonde Goddess Anastaxia is no stranger to destroying men on the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats.  This MWH veteran loves nothing more than beguiling unwitting males with her beauty before decimating them on the mats and today is not going to be an exception to this rule.


She easily takes Russ down to the mats and within the opening moments has her strong arms wrapped around his neck and her incredibly powerful legs wrapped around his body as she squeezes the very life from him.


It is a pattern that is continued as Anastaxia is merciless in her attacks, trapping him in scissorholds, and targeting his neck with her strong arms and hands.


She doesn’t need as he can offer little offense but she also smothers him from time to time to increase his humiliation and to punish him further.


Mercifully the end comes at last as his face goes redder and redder trapped in a rear naked hold as he is spent face down on the mats whilst a gloating Anastaxia plants a foot on his body and flexes in victory.


Anastaxia wears a lycra tropical leaf design sports bra and strappy black bottoms

Russ wears black shorts


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