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MWH0160 Bambi gets a new toy

Beautiful Bambi looks sweet and innocent with her hair in buns as she steps onto the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.  But as MWH male contender Squishy is about to find out, the American is anything but nice to pathetic men.


Bambi has been looking for a new plaything and the masked Squishy certainly fits the bill as she grabs him by the balls and squeezes but that is only the beginning of her fun.


She is in a dominant mood as she grabs Squishy’s balls, grinds against his crotch with her ass before stomping and trampling on his manhood.

All he can do is squeal and moan in pain as Bambi continues to have fun with her new toy, she is taking great delight in tormenting him.

The punishment is relentless as she attempts to pop his testicles with her feet, hands and ass, finally she gets bored with Squishy and leaves him in agony on the mats, relieved that his balls are still intact…. Just


Bambi wears a black wetlook spandex swimsuit

Squishy wears black lycra shorts

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