MWH0055 MMA Match - BJJ vs Kung Fu - Scorpion vs David

Now for a first at Mixed Wrestling Heaven as Scorpion (177cm/68kg) takes on David (177cm/72kg) in a MMA rules Match.  


At the start of the match Scorpion explains the rules which are open handed strikes to the face, closed hand strikes to the body, elbows and knees are allowed and that the most submissions wins.


Although their stats are quite similar David has 10 years of Kung Fu training whilst Scorpion is a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mixed with a little bit of Thai Boxing.  The real question is which martial arts discipline is strongest.


Both fighters put in their mouth guards and the match is on.  At first both are cagey, feeling each other out. It’s Scorpion who makes the first move taking David’s back but he throws her causing her to cry out in pain as her shoulder hits the mat, there is no question that this is a real competitive match as triangle chokes, elbow strikes, body strikes, leg locks and knees are all used effectively.


Both fighters are drenched in sweat from this technical and painful bout, but in the end only one fighter can reign supreme, as they flex their biceps, sweat dripping from their body onto the form of the defeated fighter below them.


Scorpion wears black Nike lycra sports bra and black bikini bottom

David wears black shorts with green trim


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