MWH0088 Brazilian Bombshell Destruction - Ivy shuts him up

The beautiful Brazilian Ivy takes to the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats to take on the always game, Will.  Poor Will doesn't stand a chance, as Ivy fucks him up. Will is absolutely destroyed by the sadistic Ivy as she tortures him in a plethora of punishing holds.  


The talented Ivy used her full arsenal of tactics as she scissors, facesits, grapevines and smothers him.  Sweat pours from his body as he endures hold after hold, Ivy lifts him from the mats by his hair before pushing him back down with her foot and placing it over his mouth at the end Ivy stands triumphant as Will literally crawls and drags his defeated, spent form off the mats and away from the Brazilian beauty that just kicked his ass.


Ivy wears a camouflage khaki one piece with black latex belt and black crop top underneath


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