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MWH0142 Ava Simone ruins him - Mixed Wrestling

Ava Simone makes her Mixed Wrestling Heaven debut against a new male challenger.  We are not sure that this guy did his homework and knew what he was letting himself in for here at MWH.


Ava is a legitimate blonde badass and she very quickly wipes the coy smile off her male opponent’s face as she easily throws him to the mats and mounts him.


Ava toned body looks incredibly sexy but as he very very quickly finds out she is also an accomplished and ,unfortunately for him, sadistic wrestler.


He is repeatedly trapped in scissorholds, full nelsons and rear naked chokes as she punishes him with impunity and enjoys it.  His frantic taps make her smile as she slaps his face humiliating him, and even has time to flex her impressive biceps whilst he is trapped beneath her.


One has to wonder if the breast smothers and facesitting were worth the pain and humiliation which is inflicted upon him as he is humbled by the superior blonde goddess.


A prolonged victory pose demonstrates Ava’s impressive physique whilst all he can do is lay there staring up at his dominator.


Ava Simone wears a red lycra sports bra and briefs

Male wears black lycra shorts


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