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MWH0031 Latex Domination Match - Scorpion

Scorpion takes on a game male challenger in this match where both competitors wear latex.  The match begins and he is on the attack immediately, Scorpion confidently takes top position and allows her male challenger to tire himself as he pointlessly tries to buck her off.  As his strength fades she maneuvers herself up his body before rolling him into a body triangle and applying a rear naked choke.  He taps fairly promptly.


From there a front headlock is used to transition back into full mount and again his strength and willpower is sapped as he fruitlessly tries to obtain a more controlling position, but Scorpion is in full control.


Then Scorpion’s incredible thighs come into play as he is subjected to a crushing body scissor followed by a headscissor.  Give this man his due he doesn’t tap even though he is in obvious pain and you can see the muscles on Scorpion’s leg as she squeezes his head.


He once again finds himself on his back being subjected to a breast smother and grapevine combination but again doesn’t tap.  His stubbornness is impressive even as the mat is covered with his dripping sweat.


It’s not until he is trapped in a rear naked choke does he give up another submission.  Scorpion grabs some rope and distracts him with a breast smother while she ties his hands before sitting on his face.  Now his punishment begins.


For the the follow-on Bondage part of the see MWH0032.


Scorpion wears shiny latex top and shorts.

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