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MWH0096 Laken destroys him with her perfect feet

You can see why men underestimate Laken, what threat could this smiling dancer with a killer body possible pose?


Her victim today is about to find out like countless men before him that Laken has a mean streak with an insanely strong core and powerful legs perfect for inflicting punishment.


The moment she wraps her legs around him he cries out in pain and he instantly knows that he is in for a world of hurt as he feels her strength, trapped in her scissorhold.


But his troubles have only just begun as Laken realises that this pitiful man poses no threat and she decides to have some fun at his expense.  Everytime her masked opponent is trapped Laken takes every opportunity to humiliate him by placing her perfectly pedicured toes on and in his mouth and face.


All he can do is squirm as she has her way with him, eventually the beautiful brunette becomes bored as she forces one foot into his mouth before leaving him a loser on the mat.


Laken wears a figure hugging red lycra speedo swimsuit and her trademark smile

Her victim wears a purple lycra facemask and blue cotton shorts


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