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MWH0102 Blaze scissors him into submission

Dancer turned wrestler Blaze loves to show off the power of her legs and what legs they are with calves bigger than most men’s biceps.


And they are certainly more impressive than the puny biceps of her opponent today, Bert.  He starts the match with a huge smile on his face, and why shouldn’t he? He’s used to getting dominated and outwrestled by much bigger women.  Here’s one, this pretty dancer who he might be able to beat! Think again Bert!


From the moment Blaze wraps her incredibly powerful legs around and begins to squeeze he knows he’s in trouble.  This Raven haired beauty is doing everything she can to break his ribs. Time and time again she laughs with delight as she tortures him with scissorhold after scissorhold ignoring his taps, strangling him with her feet and squeezing hard showing the muscularity of her amazing dancer legs.


The raven haired beauty delights in his torment before finally and mercifully squeezing his head and neck so hard that he is out.


Blaze wears a black bikini and bare feet.

Bert wears charcoal grey shorts


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