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MWH0118 Lisa King Breast Smothers You

Another MWH debutante now, though one surely familiar to any wrestling aficionado as you take on the role of the luckiest man alive in this POV Breast Smother clip featuring the mega-hot Lisa King.


In this clip you’ll experience exactly what it’s like to be repeatedly smothered between the gorgeous large breasts of one of the most popular session wrestlers in the UK, if not the world.


Lisa’s lovely Liverpudlian accent will mesmerise you as she tells you exactly what is happening as she takes your face and places in between her massive breasts  That’s right, your mouth and nose is engulfed in Lisa’s beautiful boobs as she takes great delight in your suffering.


At the end of this clip if you are not a Lisa King fan you certainly will be as she smothers you into oblivion with those very same assets which make her so popular.


Lisa King wears sexy black with purple and white patterned bra and panties.


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