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MWH0081 Scorpion vs Jon - Competitive Smothers Match

Scorpion (5’7 68kg) has decided it’s time for her to face Jon (5’5 64kg) in a Competitive Smothers match.  Unlike many of the men that step onto the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats, Jon has proved to be a true competitor and has caused the ladies he has faced a few problems.


This time however he is stepping on the mats to face the boss, the powerful and very technical BJJ trained Scorpion.


As Scorpion exclaims “He’s a lively one” but she is too big, too strong and too technical and controls the powerful Jon.  Sweat pours of both competitors as they struggle on the mats, but no matter what Jon tries to do her finds himself controlled, trapped, scissors and smothered by the redhead.


He finds himself trapped between her powerful legs and his face is buried in between her ample bosom or smothered in a facesit.


Jon is stubborn but from Scorpion there is no escape and he tastes bitter defeat.


Scorpion wears a micro red thong bikini

Jon wears blue shorts


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This video has been deleted.
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