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MWH0152 Break Him - Storm destroys Billy King

Beautiful blonde, Storm is standing across the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats from Billy King.  The MWH veteran grappler is smiling as she is relishing the prospect of getting her hands on Billy.


They immediately go for each other but it's Storm who strikes first with a headlock throw which takes them both down to the mats and she ends up on top.  Billy tries to power out and escape but Storm uses her strong legs to trap his arm as she squeezes down and Billy taps out.


Without giving him a chance to recover, Storm wraps her legs around his head in a tight headscissors.  Her powerful thighs squeeze hard and Billy’s face turns red from the pressure.


Storm is wiley veteran and never gives Billy a chance to recover, constantly swarming him and trapping him in painful holds, headscissors, kimuras, arm bars and body scissors are used.


Once Storm is confident that he is suitably subdued she really starts to have fun, trapping him in a single leg boston crab and increasing the torque by using his long hair to pull back and add to his pain and humiliation.


Once Storm is happy that she has broken Billy enough she sits on his head and pushes the sole of her foot into his face as she smiles for the camera, happy with a good days work.


Storm wears a lycra leopard print long sleeved leotard

Billy King wears black shorts


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