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MWH0101 Axajay - Smother Terror in Leather

Axa Jay is one of the top tier session wrestlers in the UK, strong, sexy with a playful demeanour and she looks great in this black leather thong strappy harness.  No wonder Max has a smile on his face at this vision of beauty across from him on the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats.


What he doesn’t know is that he is in for the match and annihilation of his life.  Surprised by Axa’s strength she easily takes him to the mat and controls him where other female wrestlers have struggled.


She plants her pussy on his face and smothers him completely engulfing his nose into her crotch, restricting his breathing.


He doesn’t stand a chance as he becomes Axa’s plaything as she facesits, scissors and smothers him with impunity.


His nose is permanently engulfed in Axa’s hands, breasts, pussy and ass as she clearly enjoys dominating this man with ease.


It’s almost a blessing when she becomes bored with terrorising him and puts him out with a prolonged final facesit as she pushes his head even deeper into her crotch.


Axa Jay wears a black studded leather thong harness

Max wears black swimming shorts


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