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MWH0056 Viper vs Russ - Competitive Mixed Wrestling

Two debutantes at Mixed Wrestling Heaven meet in a competitive mixed wrestling match-up as Viper Max (5’9”/70kg) takes on Russ (5’8”/82kg).


Scorpion interviews both wrestlers before the match about their chances of beating their opponent, the lithe Australian blonde, Viper is very confident due to her technical ability, skill and experience, Russ typically disagrees as he has the weight advantage and …. Wait for it…… “he’s a guy”.


Viper’s face says it all, and although it is a competitive match, Russ has just upped the stakes making this a true battle of the sexes.  Russ is about to learn the hard way that gender in the mixed wrestling scene counts for nothing.


It has to be said though that he takes Viper by surprise striking first trapping the blonde beauty in a scissorhold but although he has her in trouble she is able to escape and traps him in her infamous grapevine using her toned long legs to spread him wide, but now it is his turn to thwart her as she manages to escape.


It’s an intricate game of cat and mouse, but as the battle wears on Viper’s superior conditioning becomes the deciding factor as Russ runs out of steam.  He still fights on but he is definitely the more battle weary of the two.


The grapevines, scissorholds, triangle chokes and leg locks applied to the bigger man are certainly taking its toll, but it’s hard work for Viper, both wrestlers are drenched in sweat, her mascara running round her eyes.


After 15 minutes of hard fought competitive wrestling the winner sits on the loser flexing their arms and supremely happy that they have proven which is the superior sex.


Viper wears a navy blue and green Nike Pro sports bra and shorts

Russ wears knee length black shorts


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