MWH0075 Megan Jones wrestles in Red Speedo

Voluptuous Megan Jones (5’9” 185 lbs) steps onto the MWH mats to take on Marky (6’0” 176 lbs) in a competitive wrestling match.


At first Marky puts up some spirited defence with Megan struggling, as Marky traps her in a headlock but once she gains top position she used her weight advantage and gets him into a schoolgirl pin attempt but only manages to get the two count before he escapes.


Changing tack she uses her powerful legs to trap him in a headscissor to get the first submission.


From there it's all downhill for Marky as Megan repeatedly gains top position and uses her powerful thighs to squeeze the lift out of him, no matter what he tries to do.


At one point Megan even uses his ponytail to help to get him where she wants him to inflict more punishment.


Throughout Megan trash talks him as both fighters get increasingly sweaty from the exertion of the conflict.


Inevitably the busty American overwhelms him and flexes her muscles above his defeated, sweaty body.


Megan Jones wears a red lycra speedo swimsuit

Markey wears a white tank top and charcoal shorts.


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