MWH0092 Two Girls One Chump - Luna Toxxxic and Ms F.Rank destroy him

Petite muscular, blonde, Luna Toxxxic is in a bad mood as the chump who has stepped onto the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats to face her is going to find out.


Today Luna is all business and this chump is going to pay.  She immediately knees him in the balls dropping him to the mats, she kicks him, spits on him and forces her foot into his mouth.


She jumps on him raining more kicks and punches to him, she absolutely swarms him not letting the bigger, heavier man catch his breath.  This is a humiliating beatdown of epic proportions of a smaller woman dominating a much, much larger opponent.


As he lies panting for breath on the mats, she asks him “Can you handle more?”, as Ms F Rank steps onto the mats, and delivers a stinging slap to his face.


The two evil blondes deliver the worst beatdown ever seen on the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats, they pound his body and balls with punches and kicks, they trample and jump on him with their full weight and spit on him.


In a final humiliation they both force a foot into his mouth at the same time.


This is not your usual MWH fare, this is a sadistic session of brutality by two petite, hard-bodied blondes.


Luna Toxxxic wears a black bra and black thong

Ms F Rank wears a black bra and black thong

The Chump wears a black Nike T-shirt and black lycra cycling shorts


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