MWH0099 Rage ShieldMaiden vs Russ - Smother Domination

Rage Shieldmaiden from Serbia is a certified man destroyer and makes her debut at Mixed Wrestling Heaven as she takes on journeyman, Russ.


Russ has dropped a lot of weight since his last appearance and looks in great shape, unfortunately for him he is stepping onto the mats opposite Rage who has a reputation for being sadistic and unrelenting.


He doesn’t stand a chance, she absolutely destroys him and makes him suffer.


Rage easily takes him down to the mats, takes top position, controls him and plants her firm crotch over his face, enveloping his nose and mouth, cutting off his oxygen and facesitting him.  She then places a hand over his mouth and pinches his nostrils restricting his breathing and sapping any fight he had in him.


Russ finds himself repeatedly smothered, facesat and dominated by this young lioness, he is even subjected to a humiliating pubis choke.


A final dominating complete facesit while she tidies and adjusts her hair cements Rage’s complete dominance of the larger male.


Rage wears a black lycra thong leotard, black knee socks, and black Nike wrestling shoes

Russ wears black lycra shorts


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