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MWH0110 Ivy destroys him - Mixed Wrestling Domination

Ivy is incredibly dominant in this clip. Taunting her victim in that gorgeous Brazilian accent. She is SO MEAN!! 


When Squishy first steps onto the MWH mats to face Ivy he must have been thinking that all his dreams had come true at the vision of Brazilian beauty standing opposite him.


This thought however is fleeting as Ivy takes him down to the mats and sits on his face before nearly snapping his arm off with a wicked arm bar.


Ivy plants a foot on his face, spreads his legs wide in a deep grapevine before sitting on him in a school girl pin and grabbing hold of his balls and twisting.


Ivy uses her strong and powerful legs to scissor him, and twists like a pretzel, she taunts him the whole time and whenever the opportunity presents itself she punishes his balls twisting, kicking and kneeing them.


Her victim is a broken, destroyed man by the end of this one with a dominant and smiling Ivy flexing and posing above him, satisfied with the ass kicking she has delivered.


Ivy wears a leopard print bra and bottoms

Squishy wears black lycra shorts


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