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MWH0150 Smother and Suffer - Goddess Anastaxia dominates Billy King

It’s every man's dream to be across the mats from a beautiful, busty blonde like Goddess Anastaxia, but unfortunately for Billy King this is going to turn into a Mixed Wrestling Heaven nightmare.


They grapple on mats and Billy does his best but its Anastaxia who ends on top using her strong legs and arms to control him, then placing a hand over his mouth smothering him and restricting his breathing.


Anastaxia feels his strength but swarms Billy, constantly restricting him with scissors and armbars coupled with smothers with her hands, feet and breasts.


Billy’s face goes redder and redder as he struggles for air, but the Goddess Anastaxia is merciless in her domination taking great pleasure in punishing this stud foolish enough to challenge her.


When Anastaxia is sufficiently satisfied that he can take no more, she claims him saying “You are mine, all mine” and there is little Billy can do to argue after the destruction which has just been wrought upon him by the beautiful badass Goddess.


Goddess Anastaxia wears a leopard print bra and thong

Billy King wears black cotton shorts


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