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MWH0155 Break Him - Lara destroys him

We are proud to present another debutante to Mixed Wrestling Heaven as sultry Italian Lara joins us as she takes on Russ on the MWH mats.


Lara wastes little time showing Russ exactly how their encounter is going to go as she wraps two hands around his throat, choking him and pushing against the wall.    With ease she takes him down to the mats and demonstrates her sadistic side as she tries to crush his head like a grape in a tight headlock.


The sexy Italian doesn’t give him any let up as she kicks, punches and scissors poor Russ, throughout the match she has a smile on her face and she takes delight in the punishment and torment which she is dishing out to the pathetic British male.


Her scissorholds and headlocks are particularly damaging, and she humiliates him further by trying to spur him to offer some offense by slapping his face with her foot, and when she doesn’t get the desired response stamping on his chest.


Eventually she traps him in a camel clutch pulling back on his neck and when he can take no more gets him to kiss her feet before a final stomp on his back before the victory pose .


Lara wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit

Russ wears black shorts


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