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MWH0057 Kassidy Crushing Scissor Power

Kassidy is a tall amazon with amazingly powerful legs which have ridiculously powerful crushing power.  Many men and women have fallen in combat between those powerful thighs as Dave is about to find out.


After the camera has finished panning from Kassidy’s beautiful feet, up her long legs and to her smiling face, she beckons her pathetic victim onto the mat.  She forces him to his knees and immediately traps his head in a standing leg scissors, the lycra catsuit accentuates and shows her strong thighs.


This is Dave’s ultimate destruction as he is repeatedly trapped between Kassidy’s legs whether it be his head or legs, the look on his face says it all, the resilient little man is in pain as he is taken to Kassidy’s scissor school as well as getting verbally berated and slapped.


Kassidy’s scissors are unique as she does one thing that no other amazon does, whilst she has his head or body trapped she punches her own legs increasing the pressure and sending jarring pain through his body.


After his experience against this merciless beautiful goddess it is safe to say he will never be the same again.  His prone, lifeless corpse is left a mess on the mat as Kassidy gives him one last kick for good measure and saunters off.


Kassidy wears a green leopard print sheer lycra catsuit

Dave wears a navy blue  t-shirt and black shorts


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