MWH0060 Real session - He comes back for more - Scorpion punishes him

Back in 2016 when Scorpion was touring Europe she shot a live session with an opponent (see MWH0010) where she absolutely destroyed him on the mats.  Fast forward two years and the same guy

thinks he is ready to try again, flying over from the continent to face Scorpion on her home turf because he’s been training and bulked up and thinks that he can actually win this time.


If you ever want to know what a real session is like with Scorpion, (that’s if are brave enough after watching this) then this clip will give a pretty good idea.


You’ll see her dissect this guy with a few arsenal of moves including scissors, grapevines, chokes with some humiliation thrown in as she slaps him, rubs her sweaty breasts in his face as she smothers him, and generally belittles this guy.


The sweat literally drips from them both due to the exertion and that this was filmed during the heatwave.


This is filmed from a fixed camera position but Scorpion knows how to show off her deadly skills.


The guy wears a luchas mask, red t-shirt and black shorts

Scorpion wears a black bikini


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